Christie Projects can

Build your dream home


Our vision

Christie Projects is a boutique building development company creating luxurious environments to complement the modern lifestyle. Our projects are architecturally sophisticated and supremely functional. Our specialist team is great at what they do, always welcoming the opportunity to share ideas and skills with clients in a highly professional way.

Our experience

Christie Projects has produced exclusive Bayside projects for more than 15 years. We are recognised for high quality projects which have kerb-side appeal. We always deliver on our promise to create a positive, lasting impression on our partners through exemplary projects.

Our commitment

Christie Projects believes excellence can only be produced by constantly striving to achieve the highest standards in everything we do, culminating in the finest outcomes possible. Our approach and methodology has a strong emphasis on attention to detail, which is apparent in the outstanding results we produce for clients.

Our purpose


At Christie Projects, we create environments embracing unique design elements and functionality to inspire those living within the spaces. We customise each building from the outset, working closely with our clients to focus on the overall design intent in order to produce the ultimate outcome.

Each project is meticulously planned and considers how all the different aspects of each environment work in unison. This approach ensures we achieve a superior, cohesive and unique outcome for each client.

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